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Events In Lion King Slots is ongoing now!

Events in Lion King Slots is ongoing now! What are you waiting for?

WINBOX Lion King Slots Championship


April program period, Top Ten highest prizes in a single game in any Lion King games (Excluding Jackpot) will be entitled to join Championship List by the system.

WINBOX Lion King Slots Championship Bonus RM180,888

Total rewards up to RM180,888.00

1ST- RM 88,888.00

2ND- RM 30,000.00

3RD- RM 20,000.00

4TH- RM 10,000.00

5TH- RM 5,000.00

6TH- RM 5,000.00

7TH- RM 5,000.00

8TH- RM 3,000.00

9TH- RM 3,000.00

10TH TO 20TH- RM 1,000.00

[ T&C ]

1, ​Allow single account with multi ranking in Championship List. (Example: you be ranked 1st and 2nd winner; your cumulative rewards are calculated as 88,888.00 + 30,000.00)

2, We will upload Championship List frequently, Please pay attention.

3, After the event end on the specified date, platform winner please contact customer service and Point player winner please contact your upper level agent by yourself.

4, The organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualification for any fraudulent tampering or violation. Any objections will not be accepted.

5, The Championship List will be based on the final result of the system.